Hiking tour

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    Day 1


    Escapardenne Eislek and Lee trails – Leading Quality Trails "Best of Europe"

    Discover a section of one of Luxembourg’s Leading Quality Trails “Best of Europe” in the Ardennes region. The Eislek trail takes in the high plains and steep sloping valleys of the North of Luxembourg in addition to the historic castle towns of Vianden, Clervaux and Wiltz. The Lee Trail passes through the wooded Sûre valley, past ancient mills and rocky ridges. Local hotels will store and transport luggage. Choose a stage of either the Lee or Eislek trail. (Day stages vary from 15km to 25.5km.)

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    Day 2

    Mullerthal Trail

    Mullerthal Trail

    Enjoy the spectacular scenery of Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, with its waterfalls, fairy-tale forests, and unusual rock formations. Choose from a number of premium hiking tours that take in part of the 112km Mullerthal Trail.

    1. Walking tour Beaufort crosses wooden bridges, mossy rock formations, brooks and forests plus a visit to Beaufort Castle, and a chance to sample its blackcurrant liqueur, Cassero. (10km)
    2. The walking tour from Echternach to Berdorf begins in this picturesque medieval town and ascends to the Wolf gorge before returning via the Hollhay caves. (11.7km)
    3. There are no steep slopes on the Larochette walking tour which takes in majestic castle ruins, and spectacular views of the valley. (8km)
    4. Hike past the ancient mills of the region in the Consdorf walking tour and take in the famous Schiessentumpel waterfall, before finishing at the Heringer Millen, visitor centre and restaurant. (9.3km)

    There are numerous hostels and hotels in the region, offering accommodation and dining facilities.

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    Day 3


    Moselle “Dream Loop” trail

    Take in the stunning vineyards that overlook the mighty Moselle River in this wine growing region of Luxembourg on one of the Dream Loop trails.

    1. Manternacher Fiels loop starts in the protected nature zone of Burfeld, passes through a canyon forest and offers outstanding panoramic views of the vineyards (9.6km)
    2. Start in the little wine-growing village of Ahn and pass along the steep lime cliffs to the vineyards of Palmberg with glorious views of the Moselle valley. (9km)
    3. The Schengen without borders trail begins at the historic town famous for the Schengen Agreement of 1985 allowing freedom of movement in the EU. Hike through the untamed Strombierg and through vine-covered slopes. (7.7km)


    Moselle Region relaxation

    1. Hop aboard the MS Princesse Marie-Astrid for a Moselle river cruise and a three-course meal.
    2. Visit a wine cellar for a tour and tasting, including walking tours on "Riesling & Geology" or "L’ABC of Wine".
    3. Discover the Schengen area and the museum dedicated to the ground-breaking European Union agreement allowing freedom of movement.
    4. Take a dip in the restorative thermal spa waters at Mondorf Domaine Thermal.