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You might already organise tours to Luxembourg, or you might know very little about this great holiday destination. You’ll find a wealth of experiences across our six regions in this section. 

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Destination Luxembourg

Visit the only Grand Duchy in the world, full of hidden gems: from fairytale castles and cultural festivals, to outstanding natural beauty ideal for hiking, biking or lake dipping. A unique gateway to Europe, the country is steeped in history with its cobbled streets, grand squares, palaces and forts. Rich in industrial heritage including a preserved 19th century mining village, art and music lovers will not be disappointed, while wine connoisseurs will delight in sampling the local Crémant. 626,000 inhabitants made up of some 170 nationalities have made Luxembourg their home, giving it a rich, diverse culture, with its very own charm.

Why Luxembourg will capture your heart

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City Experience

Europe’s most relaxed and safe UNESCO world heritage capital makes the ideal city-break. Cobbled streets, tree-lined squares and 1000-year old fortifications stand side by side with trendy bars, fine dining, designer boutiques, and a plethora of museums and art galleries. Visitors can take in some outstanding architecture including the Notre Dame Cathedral, Neumunster Abbey, the Grand Ducal Palace and the Villa Vauban.

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Outdoors and Nature

Shimmering waterfalls, enchanting forests, bizarre rock formations and picturesque valleys and lakes make Luxembourg’s unspoilt nature a must-see for tour groups. The Ardennes, the Sûre and Our Nature Parks, the charming Little Switzerland region of Mullerthal, the Moselle valley and Red Rock region, all offer numerous opportunities to walk, hike, cycle or try out paddle-boarding or kayaking. 

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Wine Region

Luxembourg grows several wine grape varieties and has numerous boutique wine cellars and co-operatives where you can sample some of Europe’s best Riesling, Pinot Gris, ice wines or the rare Elbling grape, grown here since Roman times. Tours of the beautiful wine-covered slopes can be combined with a Moselle River cruise, a day at one of the region’s famous wine festivals or a tour to see the production of and taste Luxembourg’s unique sparkling wine, Crémant de Luxembourg.

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Luxembourg Life

Did you know that Luxembourg is home to 170 different nationalities? This diversity is reflected in the country’s culture which incorporates its unique native traditions with a variety of tastes, sounds and customs from its resident foreign populations. Most people in Luxembourg speak English, French and German, and there is a sizeable Italian and Portuguese community. The capital was also ranked the safest city in the world in 2019, meaning tourists can comfortably enjoy a stress-free holiday.

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Naturally Europe

Throughout history, Luxembourg has played an important strategic role within Europe since its first fortifications were built 1000 years ago. More recently, it was a founding partner of the European Union. It is home to the European Parliament, Commission, Court of Justice and Investment Bank. If you’ve heard of the Schengen Agreement, allowing freedom of movement across the EU, you’ll find this small but historic village in Luxembourg’s wine region. Its central location, and great transport links, makes it ideal as part of a wider tour of Europe.

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Culture and Heritage

Culture vultures will appreciate visiting the country’s beautifully restored castles, including Clervaux Castle, home to the internationally-renowned The Family of Man photography exhibition. Luxembourg’s rich history remains well preserved from the 7th century abbey in Echternach, and the 370-year-old Bock Casemate tunnels, to the more modern homage to the Battle of the Bulge featured in several military museums and the industrial heritage of the Belval blast furnaces. The city and the regions also host a number of theatre and music festivals including jazz, blues, rock and world music, and of course the world-class Luxembourg Philharmonic concert programme.

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